Shadows of the Gods – Book Review

Jay Allan is well known for his ability to write mind blowing science fiction. His plots revolve around many complex characters. The book ‘Shadow of the Gods: Crimson Worlds Refugees II‘ is a brilliant example of his work. Jay Allen weaves a story in the depths of space and embeds it with a lot of back story and plenty of action.

The story revolves around a fleet of men under the command of Admiral Terence Compton. The fleet has been cut of from the earth and has been fleeing from their enemies ever since. Even though he has lost a third of his fleet, Admiral Compton is still determined to find a way to save the surviving members of his fleet. This however proves to be no easy task. With their supplies running low and the enemy in pursuit, Compton needs to find a way to replenish his supplies.

The problem however is greater than that. In the pursuit of supplies, Admiral Compton and his fleet stumble on a secret. They discover the truth from a distant past. It does not end there! They also catch a glance of the future that lies in wait for them. It forces them to re-evaluate themselves… Who they are and what they believe in. They find that the stakes have been raised and they have to fight tooth and nail to come out of it alive!

The book grips the mind and keeps you enthralled for hours. The plot is so plausible that it leaves you wondering whether the story really happened and whether we really have enemies out there in space. Jay Allan uses his word so well that he gives you an understanding of what space must look like and in the process makes you empathize with the crew.

The book ‘Shadow of the Gods: Crimson Worlds Refugees II’ is a must read if you like science fiction. The ideas and the details that Jay Allan has used in the book makes the characters seem larger than life and you will find that you can even relate to them. It’s a book that will make you to explore depths of your imagination that you never knew existed!

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