Beacon 23 – Book Review

Hugh Howey has always had a large fan following. His book ‘Beacon 23‘ has recently brought him much acclaim. The essence of the story revolves around the concept of how lighthouses were used as beacons. That is precisely the way the book got it’s name. However, the beacon that Hugh Howey refers to isn’t on the earth but rather in space.

The story explains to us how people have manned lighthouses with the sole purpose of guiding ships on their path. That however has been a thankless job for centuries that have gone by. In the 23rd century, these men and women find themselves carrying out the same job in space. Many beacons form a network. It is this network that helps ships pass through the Milky way.

The main character in the plot is a man called Digger. He was considered to be a hero and was requested to be a keeper. The keepers job is to ensure that the Beacon functions well. Digger’s story is dark and tragic as he doesn’t believe that he is a hero. He has suffered a lot of psychological trauma due to the war. The story takes many twist and turns which reveals the true depths of Diggers personality and his struggle to ensure that the Beacon functions efficiently.

Beacon 23 was originally separate stories which formed a series. Hugh Howey decided to club them together to form a really good novel. It’s an interesting read simply because the main character (Digger) has a complex personality. His struggles are real. Add in a little science fiction and you got yourself an amazing plot!

The story of a man stranded in space pulls on the heartstrings. This is especially so, because of the way that Hugh has portrayed Digger. He has formed the character to be strong on the outside and crumbling within. Hugh Howey’s prowess with his words makes the book engaging and exceptional!

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