Long Road to Survival – Book Review

With Long Road To Survival – Book 2 In The Prepper Series, William H. Weber brings his readers back to a time when America is on the brink of destruction. Following the detonation of nuclear bombs in all major port cities, Paul Edwards searches for shelter with his father-in-law, a retired veteran named Buck. Finding safe haven for their family in a large and extremely well-equipped, government bunker, it isn’t long before the two men l become suspicious of the bunker environment and the activities that are taking place inside.

Immediately upon entering the bunker, Buck, Paul and Paul’s wife and children are stripped of everything that they own. They discover that everyone must work in the bunker, even the very young and the very old. Unless people work, they are not allowed to eat. There are a number of strict, stringent rules in place and those in charge appear to lack basic, human sympathies. Buck’s military experience makes him a keen observer and the very first to intuit that something is amiss. Trust is a huge issue in the Long Road to Survival as two men struggle to find a sense of peace and safety in their new environment and a secure place for their loved ones. Between self-appointed leaders and a number of “sheeple” who seam willing to follow anyone who will lead, Buck and Paul have no idea of who they can rely on.

William H. Weber’s return to the Prepper Series is a riveting one. Weber is a master at creating a believable, post-nuclear world and at detailing the shady under-dealings of a government that’s grown far too powerful. The Long Road to Survival is rich with interesting characters and action-driven. Paul’s love for and need to protect his family is something that all readers can relate to while Buck is the epitome of discernment, wisdom and strength.

This book provides a captivating read for both fiction lovers and conspiracy theorists alike. It paints a haunting picture of the world that might be after a major nuclear event. It also shows the doggedness and determination of the human will to survive.

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