Etherwalker – Book Review

Cameron Dayton has been around for quite a bit. He has written stories and developed plots for a bunch of entertainment entities across the board but has never really ventured out with a story of his own..until now. His debut novel is Etherwalker, and it is as dark as it is thrilling. The writer certainly has the sting required to pen science fiction pieces, and his debut book is quite the read.

In Etherwalker, a dystopic society exists. The characters in the book live in a present that (ironically) has been thrown back a thousand years. The powerful technological warfare that used to rove the skies is long gone now, replaced by a primitive existence and a sense of reality and acceptance that is as inevitable as it is depressing. However, one man is the exception to the rule. In Rewn’s Fork lives Enoch, he who has never really understood what all the fuss regarding the past is about. He is never afraid, never worried and is relentlessly inquisitive. The young man makes a startling discovery-that his confidence is not borne out of character; it is borne out of inheritance. Enoch is an Etherwalker, part of a dying breed that can control any machine with the mind.

Dayton’s abilities as a story teller are scary. He is able to conjure a world so dark and macabre that the reader literally feels the hairs at the back of the head rise. There is no urgency to unravel the mysteries of a world that is a shadow of what it was in the past. The writer manages to craft a story that captures emotions such as fear, desperation and on the other side; invincibility.

Coming from a début, the plot that hits us is rather strong. Etherwalker is capable of being macabre and scary but at the same time attention-grabbing. We can only speculate what Dayton has in mind for the next piece out.

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