Saturn Run – Book Review

John Sandford‘s Saturn Run introduces the intrigues of the protean world by explaining an anomaly watched through the eyes of an intern operating a space telescope; grow and become a world spectacle. The twist that follows, in Sandford’s characteristic award-winning beautiful writing, is an epic story of civilization’s first contact with alien life.

It combines both uncanny humor, a thorough gift of tasteful dialogue and characters who will literally suck you in. The author makes the most of Ctein, science fiction aficionado and world-renowned photo artist to bring you a story that is both fast and scientifically believable.

Set in the futuristic 2066, ‘The Saturn’ introduces a meticulous Caltech intern who in the course of his duties while monitoring a space telescope, accidentally notices a body from outer space approaching Saturn. There is an anomaly though; this body is decelerating, uncharacteristic of bodies from outer space, which accelerate instead. The sighted object is a spaceship.

A series of meeting by top-ranking government officials lead to the conclusion that whoever created the spaceship must be in possession of soft and hard technology more than a century ahead. Whoever is able to get their hands on this technology as such, will have the possible biggest advantage, one that no nation can upstage. Chinese too find out about this and draw the same conclusions.

A race of governments then follows revealing secrets, surprises and a good measure of astonishing human as well as technological discoveries. The members of the hastily formed crew in search of this technology soon realize that they have adversaries both on earth and beyond who will not hesitate to test their wits, strength and courage.

This book is vintage Sandford at his best. Though set in the future, it elevates the author’s strengths and writing insights in a very captivating breakneck thriller. The author has made a tough grind of explaining very different worlds appear so easy.

Sandford creates admirable chemistry among his characters and effortlessly combines both soft and hard sciences making even the characters’ most harrowing journeys, a captivating read.

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