Allies and Enemies : Fallen – Book Review

Allies and Enemies’ has been written by Amy J. Murphy, who studied at the University of New Orleans and currently resides in Vermont. Her journey of writing had a grey start, when she ventured into the black market industry of paid essay writing for grad school. But soon certain interventions gave her writing journey the right path as she started personal writing projects and kept doing them until the launch of Allies and Enemies series, in 2015.

Fallen is the first in a series of books written under the title of Allies and Enemies. It is the story of Commander Sela Tyron, who was born and bred solely to become the commander of the regime. She is no ordinary woman as the book describes her “as subtle as a hammer”. To her, every problem, however big or small it maybe, is like a nail. And the only thing fit to be done to a nail is to hammer it; and Tyron follows just this ideology while she solves her problems. Although this simplistic and straight forward approach of solving problems does not remain as simple when she is faced with problems more complicated than the ones she is used to.

All at the same time, she falls in love with a man who is visibly off-limits considering her position, comes across her son who was forbidden to her long ago and is left alone with her team on an unfamiliar planet inhabited by insurrectionists, who clearly pose an existential threat to her entire team. It is here that the story takes unexpected turns as Sela channelizes her problem solving skills in the face of a more complicated-than-usual situation.

This book will definitely fixate the attention of fantasy, action and military science fiction readers who admire strong and deep characters set out on solving vexing crises. Allies and Enemies gives the reader an insightful look into the lives of people on the top that are put on such a high pedestal of purity and perfection that they are expected to let go of the very human needs and desires; justified in themselves but condemned to those at the top.

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