Cetapiens – Book Review

Cetapiens is a science fiction novel by S. Amaranthine. A graduate in Health Education and Psychology, Amaranthine is a science fiction and fantasy author. Amaranthine befriended two cetaceans during while he was a university undergraduate. Amaranthine dedicated his first series to his two cetacean friends. Cetapiens is the second part of this trilogy and was published in March 2016.

In more than one way, Cetapiens is a revelation. The first book in the trilogy, Vencello was a traditional science fiction novel. However, Cetapiens takes a massive departure from that narrative. This book explores the different forms of life that exist and their experiences. The book narrates many different things including human evolution, treatment of the environment and wildlife, time travel and redemption. The book makes a journey through many different worlds. You’ll find this book truly unique and enjoyable if you have an interest in how different life forms live in harmony, time travel, the multiverse, and sea life. The book also features a playlist for Cetapiens which is also available on Amaranthine’s website.

Cetapiens picks up from where the first book in the trilogy, Vencello left off. S. Amaranthine teases readers about time travel in the first book. In Cetapiens, time travel actually takes place. The book takes you on an epic journey—you’ll travel through time into ancient times and universes yet to be discovered.

The book will keep you hooked on till the end and when it does finally end, you’ll be craving for more. When you read the book, you’ll often feel as if a haunting and compelling music is playing in the background. An unforgettable experience that transcends all boundaries of time, love, and species is what this book offers you. Cetapiens is a thought provoking and entertaining book.

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