The Vencello – Book Review

The Vencello is the first part of a trilogy based on a unique concept by S Amaranthine that builds a connection between human beings and the Creatures of the sea. Not just this, the book also discusses topics that connect to the philosophy of the universe such as music, specie dependence, family, love and the fact that we are all connected to the universe in a similar way, no matter which specie we belong to.

The story is narrated by someone who isn’t human and she has the ability to travel through time and space with her grandmother. And in the book, they are travelling in a realm called as ‘Vencello’ by their people.

With strong characters from three species- Humans, Orca and the sperm whale, the author builds foundation on what the three species have in common such as love, family, and the universe.

There is so much love that it may even transcend the universe and there is a clear bond between families that the readers will like to relate to.  Not just this, it is also the story of two mothers mourning for the loss of their child, and how we tend to understand those people who have pain similar to ours.

It is also about forgiveness and how it could completely transform your life. And it is also about hope, because it’s what really matters in times of pain and loss. There is so much to learn from this book, it will take your mind and your energy to another level altogether.

The Vencello also discusses the mysteries of the becoming of the universe. Whether there are multiple universes, or whether it is only the one we live in… but the Vencello still describes and connects us to no matter how many universes there might be. If you are looking for a book that has an interesting and unconventional narrative but also makes you think about the big ideas about life then this you can’t miss this book.

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