Alien Manifesto – Book Review

Alien Manifesto is a science fiction novel by T.W. Embry. An associate of arts graduate, Embry is a published author. As a child, Embry wrote stories to frighten his grandmother. However, as a child he had aspirations of becoming something other than a writer—he wanted to become a culinary chef. Unfortunately for Embry, things didn’t work out the way he imagined and he wasn’t able to become a chef despite making considerable efforts for that. Embry was always destined to become a writer and with his first novel ‘Revenge from Mars’ he fulfilled his destiny. To date, Embry has written two novels including Alien Manifesto. Alien Manifesto is a story about Thomas Scott, an ex Navy Seal who’s charged with stealing an alien artifact.

The chief protagonist of the book is Thomas Scott, an orphaned ex Navy Seal. While growing up, Scott always thought that he would become a criminal. However, destiny had other plans and he ended up becoming an elite Special Forces officer. The story begins with Tom being recruited by an alien named Snarth. Snarth is part snake. With promises of adventure and wealth, Snarth manages to entice Tom. After he accepts the mission, Tom is sent to another planet’s training base.

On the alien planet, Tom is granted superhuman powers and he learns special combat skills. In order to capture a villain who’s stolen an ancient artifact, Tom and his team go on a mission. They travel many galaxies, administer justice, and take out the bad guys. The final battle is fought against an evil regime that is led by a dark queen.

There is so much to like in this book. If you’re a science fiction fan, then you’ll find this book quite enjoyable. T.W.Embry has done a commendable job and the book is extremely well written. It is definitely worth reading.

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