Crimson Enigma – Book Review

Crimson Enigma is a science-fiction book written by Mark Alan Shaffer. The author  is a resident of a small town called Alliance. Writing is Shaffer’s hobby and he writes in his spare time. To date, he has written only one book which is Crimson Enigma. Crimson Enigma is the story about agents of ISIS and the new “Freedom III” Space Station.

The book talks about the space station ‘Freedom III’ that offers the opportunity of a world adventure. The chief protagonists of the book are ISIS agents. The space station is facing problems that plague it during its opening ceremony and beyond that. The ISIS agents are assigned to uncover the reasons behind the problems.

An extremely well written book, Crimson Enigma has a captivating plot. At times, the book offers readers a cinematic experience. There will be times when you’ll feel that you’re watching a 3D movie. By the time the ISIS agents enter the fray, the reader has already witnessed mysterious murders and sabotage. The task assigned to the ISIS agents is helping Freedom III’s crewmembers to save the station and the planet.

Crimson Enigma is not your typical astronaut or ‘space mission’ kind of book. While the book does talk about how the crewmembers of Freedom III fight for survival, its plot encompasses far more than that. It is a story about crew-members fighting for survival, holding on for help to arrive and joining forces with special agents to save the planet Earth. Overall, Crimson Enigma is an enjoyable book to read and will have you hooked right till the end.

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