Split Second – Book Review

Another great book by Douglas E. Richards; the book Split Second is exceptionally unique. Richards has written around 13 different books. Some titles to search up are Wired, Amped, Quantum Lens, The cure, Mind’s Eye, and Brainweb. He has also wrote some middle grade adventure novels that kids have been enjoying for years.

Time travel has stumped real scientist since the dawn of time. It has been a subject for sci-fi movies and books for decades. So you would think it couldn’t possibly be done any differently than what has been done before. But many readers were pleasantly surprised that Richards latest thriller had new and original time travel ideas, not the normal books or movies that time travel days or years, but this one is about just seconds back in time. Those mere seconds put the main character, Nathan, and his finance, Jenna, lives at risk. The explanation of why just seconds of time travel can be catastrophic are explained well in the book, with many twists and turn in the plot that will keep you entertained.

Plenty of action, and the science in the book was explained so that the non-scientific geek can still understand what is going on. The suspense, drama, and excitement will keep you turning the pages right to the end. It is fascinating that the science is mostly written from his own knowledge, and many are based on factual information.

In conclusion, if you have read any of Richards other books, or if this is your first, you will thoroughly enjoy it and be hooked for all his other books past and future! Split Second was a 5 star book, as he tackles scientific theories in a realistic yet unimaginable concept to keep the story interesting, and makes the reader think and wonder as he is taken on an adventure.

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