Shiva XIV – Book Review

This is another amazing work of fiction by Lyra Shanti. Destiny and choice, conflicts and desires; this story has everything. A young boy is born with the destiny to be the savior of his galaxy by saving it from the suffering of plasma depletion. The eradication of plasma means that the balance of things will be tripped and if this essential element is eliminated from existence, it would mean annihilation and chaos.

But Ayn can prevent that from happening. In order to do that, he has to face countless personal, military, and terrorist conflicts. Not only that, but his mind and heart are waging a war against his sanity, making him question his abilities to take on such a crucial task. Is he the great Messiah, who will save his people from an impending bout of disease and war, or will he fail terribly?

It is an amazing coming of age story with a wonderful science fiction element. The addition of inter-galactic turmoil will excite the readers who have indulged in Star Trek since they were young. The mysticism and romance of the magical creatures and heroic and action-filled events will take the readers to an epic journey. Ayn and his friends will take on the gigantic task of fighting against forces bigger than themselves to win the battle against evil.

Readers will thoroughly enjoy the exciting turn of events and the fascinating world of fiction weaved and brought to life by the author in an expert and poignant way. It is the type of book that would take the readers into the past and future at the same time and the clarity of thought and concepts would allow them to re-live the events and feel closer to the characters due to the strongly reminiscent elements of spirituality and religious concepts that don’t mellow the riveting and fast-paced velocity of the story.

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Serious Reading Rating
97 %