The Myriad Resistance – Book Review

With the release of the second book in the Tesla trilogy, John D. Mimms took it to a much darker and serious path. Mimms is a former paranormal researcher and is currently perusing his passion for writing, which reflects his love for the paranormal phenomena and investigative methods for proving the existence of supernatural elements.

The Tesla Gate is a heart-wrenching and amazing sci-fi trilogy, which explores an emotional relationship between a father and a son. The Myriad Resistance offers readers a short back-story of the tale. It has been three months since a cosmic storm, brimming with mystical energy, entered the earth’s atmosphere and mystified the scientists all over the world. One of the side effects of this storm is that the people who have died and have refused to cross to the land of the dead can interact with the living and are generally known as Impals.

Although they are accepted wholeheartedly into the lives of their loved ones, there are some who fear them and want them to go where they belong. The government is trying to hold the sensitive situation together and intends to send each one of them back through the Tesla Gate, which can send them to the other side, but there’s a catch. They would lose their soul forever.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Major Cecil Garrison plans and implements a rescue operation for Thomas Pendleton and his son Seth. His plans are met by resistance from his own father, General Ott Garrison who tries to punish him by imprisoning him. After narrowly escaping from that fate, Cecil joins the Myriad Resistance, which is dedicated to save the lost souls from being condemned to an unsanctioned and unethical holocaust.

Impals try to escape to Europe, but their exodus through the Chesapeake Bay is met with tragedy and unexpected supernatural forces. And this is only the beginning. They will be forced to persevere because the eye of the storm is encapsulating the earth, bringing darkness and despair with it. Will they be able to emerge victorious or fade away as a murky figment in the history pages?

The poignant and extremely imaginative plot is made up of compelling events that are stitched together in an amazing collection of fast-paced chapters that has helped Mimms get an outstanding position in the paranormal genre and among the readers who enjoy supernatural stories.

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