The Martian: A Novel – Book Review

How does a person survive on a surface that is not kind to humans and drifts thousands of miles away from the earth? In Andy Weir‘s novel entitled “The Martian“, this question is really put into perspective. Whether you’re an avid sci-fi fan or simply looking for a good survival story, this is one to look at.

It follows the tale of Mark Watney, an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars after his mission goes wrong. According to his team, he died during an accident shortly after landing. On the bright side, most of the supplies have been left behind and he’ll be able to survive a couple of months. On the dark side, he’s unable to make contact with earth. Even if he could establish contact it would take years before they could send a rescue mission.

The story is written in logbook style and even though it’s not the most popular one out there, Weir really did a good job. Given there is only one character to work with and the odds are squarely stacked against him, the author still has no problem sucking you into a world where not even hope exists. On the technical side, Weir had obviously put in a great deal of work regarding the research. For this alone you have to respect what he did with this book. It’s the type of fiction that might just become a reality, so everything isn’t based on sheer imagination.

Out of all the things that make this story so popular, the fact that it’s universal is what really gives it a boost. The sheer range of audiences who will enjoy it from start to finish reaches across many genres. Science fiction meets dramatic survival in a place where nobody wants to be alone. Can it get more interesting than that?

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