The Cure – Book Review

The Cure, penned down by Tania Hagan, is an amazing story of an interesting dystopian society. It is a debut so great that it will urge all the readers to give Tania Hagan a standing ovation!  After losing his two daughters to cancer, the President ordered the Genetic Operations Division, commonly known as GOD to find a ‘cure’ and put an end to the life-taking disease for good. The only way a cancer-free society can be built is through code-regeneration and creating clones of all those who had remained cancer-free throughout their lives. After many years of research and efforts, the society today is cancer-free.

The story beings with the protagonist Genesis Weatherby, who by all means portrays a typical teenager except that everyone including herself is a clone of someone maybe famous or not famous. For decades, the GOD has manufactured code-regenerations from people who were not a victim to cancer. Originals are considered illegal and must be feared as they may reintroduce the disease in the cancer-free society. Nothing seems to be abnormal until Genesis (Genny) meets the new transfer in her school, Nat Wilkinson, from Britain. It is only then that things start to change and Genesis is left questioning everything she had known since her birth.

Tied together by a bond that is keeping them together, will Genny and Nat succeed in their plan to save one child at a time or will they soon be visiting the GOD?

For starters, readers will be too stunned to even compliment on the beauty of the story. Once they pull themselves together, they will find that Hagen has delivered a smashing hit. Brilliantly spinning the life of a very horrifying yet realistic portrayal of humankind, Hagen has tried her hand at writing a dystopian novel set in the future to tell her readers how imperfect the world is. This unique and fresh approach filled with romantic moments, bone-chilling suspense, action and adventure, the Cure has something for everyone.

Well suited for all ages from 12 onwards, Hagan has marked her territory and is the one to watch out for with her upcoming publications.

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