The End Timers

The End Timers is the first installment in the story of doomsday prepper Tammy Umbra. It’s the weekend and like many people, Tammy Umbra just wants relax with some me-time after having bought a membership into a secret luxury fallout shelter called The End Timers. During her weekend visit to the shelter an incident occurs trapping her and her fellow doomsday prepping members inside. Not able to take her prescribed medication she begins hearing a strange voice in her head. The voice tells her that there is a secret conspiracy at work against her. It tells her that she needs to kill the other End Timers members in order to escape and survive. Could the voice in her head be telling of a true conspiracy or is she just becoming a deranged mass murderer?

Now Tammy must decide if she is going to ignore the voice and risk becoming the victim of some dark plot or listen to the voice and risk becoming a psychotic killer.

Janelle on Amazon said, “Q. Allen’s debut book, End Timers, is an exciting tale of a young woman visiting her high end fallout shelter for a mandatory drill. While there she begins to hear a voice. Is the voice valid or is it imagined? Are Tammy’s actions legit or has she gone too far? This is a book that the entire family can read and enjoy. Can’t wait for part two.”

Rhonda G on Amazon said, “Definitely a page-turner and kept me wanting to know what happens next! The end left us with a huge cliff-hanger, which is great because the plot isn’t predictable.”

Kelley on GoodReads said, “I didn’t realize this was a serial, so the ending caught me off-guard. I’m interested to know what happens next though, so I will read the next installment.”

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