When They Came

When They Came, the story began, we thought They were our salvation. We thought They’d give us energy, heal our sick, solve world hunger. Instead, the story continued, They didn’t.

When They came, They only had one thing on Their minds:

Our destruction.

In Kody Boye’s harrowing When They Came trilogy, it has been six years since the planet Earth was invaded by visitors from outer space. For Ana Mia Sophia Berrios, the heroine of this gripping young adult science-fiction horror series, coming of age is anything but easy. Haunted by her father’s abduction, and wishing to follow in her older sister’s footsteps, she joins the Midnight Guard: a civilian militia that protects her home from the ground invaders that lie outside her community’s walls. Though it’s hard, dangerous work, and offers no guarantee of another tomorrow, Ana Mia believes this to be her calling, because for a young woman who lives life in the shadows of beings greater than her, what else is she to do but attempt to fight back?

Sitting in the perfect nook between The Hunger Games and Justin Cronin’s The Passage, the When They Came trilogy has been hailed by Amazon reviewers as:

“Hard to put down”

“An absolute worthwhile read.”

“A fun and perilous adventure.”

“A great, engaging, entertaining ride from the instantly exciting beginning to the fantastic end.”

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