Sleeper: Defending Earth


For thousands of years people have believed we are being observed by beings from other planets.  This story is about one of those beings.

For over twenty years, he has watched and reported about a world in turmoil. A world that is so overpopulated it is slowly choking to death.  Just as one alien race decides to help Earth, another is discovered on its way to destroy us.  In a meeting of world leaders, one man is thrust into power.  As he struggles to form a single world government, the alien sleeper reveals himself. With help from an unexpected source he begins the impossible task of forming the first space capable combat force in earth’s history.  Once again, the future is to be determined by a dedicated few against overwhelming odds with the lives of every human on Earth at stake.  If you look out your window and see the world in ruins you will know the struggle did not go well.

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