Suddenly Free, Volume 1, Rise of Evil

The first volume in the series, Suddenly, Free. Rise of Evil is a novel about what life might be like at the End of Times, immediately before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In this future, there are no incurable diseases, and no common illnesses. But in this environment, the Antichrist arises. He is an unexpected man, arising in an unexpected manner. He believes he sees himself in the pages of the Bible. He is taking advantage of the reliance of the populace on their expectation that the Earth will come to an end according to the Biblical calendar. He intends to await the Rapture and rule the Earth forever.

The Evil One, Lucifer, the Enemy of men, nurtures the Antichrist spirit in the person of the self-appointed Antichrist. Together, they menace the world, aiming to end the human occupation of Earth on their own timetable.

The technology that supports the global government is interesting and credible. Some of the gadgets are almost perfected; some are depicted as accessible only to the  privileged.

The dramatis personae that you meet in this volume, will live and breathe, experience life and death, and life again, as they count down to the End of Days. Some of them will be around to experience the Rapture, and some of them will see Heaven before Time expires.

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