The Chronocar – An Urban Adventure in Time

From a recent review of The Chronocar:

“Few time travel novels open with social commentary as involving as The Chronocar, but the son of a slave is the first to envision a time-travel machine, and the paper this genius writes about it will change the future. It slides into relative obscurity until college student Tony uncovers the article a century later and decides it holds enough information (combined with modern technology) to allow him to actually build such a device…

“…Half the enjoyment of The Chronocar lies in how disparate concepts and very different lives a century apart come together to create a device that can overcome the limitations of time itself.

“The other half of the pleasure lies in discussions of not only the science of how it works, but the dilemmas Tony finds himself facing when using it, such as when his invention becomes stuck in space and he faces the possibility that he will become another mysterious ‘missing person’ statistic to everyone back home.

“These are the voyages of a brash young man who dives into the unknown and discovers that it’s filled with danger, and when he embarks on a journey to meet the Chronocar’s maker, unpredictable changes result from his decisions which bring readers along for an engrossing ride into past, future, and even space.

“Delightfully refreshing in its original characters and their very different worlds and perceptions, The Chronocar is an excellent time-slip story that excels in unpredictable twists and strong characterization; both of which keep readers on edge and completely engrossed.”

–Recommended Reading, Donovan’s Literary Services

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