PRINCESS PAIN by Author Michael D’Ambrosio

In Princess Pain, Marina is a hot-looking, cold-hearted courier of contraband who likes to play rough. Her life as a loner is just fine until the delivery of a data chip with stolen weapons technology ends her alias and makes her the target of a power-hungry militia leader, who wants her alive, and his sultry assassin lover, who wants her dead.

The action-filled chase across the galaxy with two unlikely allies melts the ice off her heart and leads her to a secret that changes everything her life was about. Nothing is easy with Marina as she drives everyone crazy with her anger-driven arrogance and stubbornness, including Britt, the militia captain, who falls in love with her.

Michael has attended over one hundred conventions across the country as a guest panelist and twice at the Library of Congress as their guest speaker. After his successful Fractured Time Trilogy and Space Frontiers Series, he delved into the horror genre briefly with his Night Creeps Series (Night Creeps 1 and 2) before returning to his sci-fi roots with the Pain Series, beginning with Princess Pain. Queen of Pain, book two of the series is due out in early summer from AZ Publishing. While a third book in the series is likely, Reign of Pain, Michael currently is working on a new series with the opening novel titled Space Truckers. This story is actually adapted in reverse from a recent script he wrote that has garnered much attention from motion picture producers. Additional information can be found on his website at

In addition to novels, Michael has adapted or written seven scripts which he is actively marketing. A life-long resident of the Philadelphia area, he served twenty-two years in the Air Force/Air National Guard as a weapons crew chief and over twenty eight years as an applications/field engineer and a nuclear controls technician in a local power plant, both careers feeding heavily into his creativity. “In many ways, working in a nuclear plant is like being on a spaceship,” he explains.

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