The Variant War

Life is difficult enough as it is without someone traveling back in time to kill you. Yet, that is what every Variant has to deal with. For them, existence is a crime. An anomaly of spacetime deemed dangerous by simply being born in an alternate world. The invention of time travel opened up an entire multiverse of possibilities, and yet, these newly discovered timelines just became a new way to draw lines on a map. And behind every line, was a faction looking to advance their own ends.

A key figure in this fractured world is Jonathan Snyder, an assassin for the Variant Army. In the divergent histories that time travel creates, there exists a population that was never born in the original timeline. Where a different history creates a different flow of events, meaning different people meeting and, eventually, giving birth to different children. These people that only exist in alternate timelines are called Variants.

Our assassin is sent on a seemingly routine assignment. However, a plan has been orchestrated by another faction of time travelers leading Jonathan into an ambush. Not an ambush to kill him, but rather to set off a series of events that topple both parties of what was previously a time traveling cold war. In the ensuing violence that erupts, Jonathan is forced on his own after his compatriots are slaughtered.

While he runs for his life in various corners of spacetime, he discovers an even greater conspiracy where everything is being manipulated by a series of time loops. The person at the center of these loops, who has been driven insane by millions of years of repeating the same life over and over, is seeking to destroy everything to free herself from her seemingly endless existence.

You’ll find my novel available for pre-order on Inkshares. It’s more than just a crowd funding website, it’s a publisher where they let the people decide what ends up on store shelves. Simply signup to the site and place an order. Once the goal of 750 is reached, it’s off to the presses. You have until July 9th to be the first to read this science fiction thrill ride.

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