The Final Six Days by Joe Agster

The Final Six Days200No memory. No identity. Six days to live.

A man wakes up in the desert outside of Las Vegas on December 26th, sometime in the future, where everything around him feels strange and foreign. He soon learns that a civilization-busting asteroid is about to crash into Las Vegas in six days.

He wanders aimlessly in the dystopic final days with Cassie, a young attractive woman who has a fetish for helping lost souls, they spend their final moments together before being incinerated by the crashing fireball. But instead of dying, he awakes in the same location as before, discovering that he is living the same six days over and over. With the help of a mysterious rogue NASA scientist, he formulates a plan to save himself and Cassie by taking shelter in one of the government’s top secret underground survival installations. But along the way, he uncovers clues that suggest not all is what it seems, and through introspection, he wonders if he is meant for a greater purpose.

The Final Six Days is the first installment in the Time Crossers series. It takes you on a mind-bending science fiction adventure, with twists and turns that uncover government-controlled secrets of the killer rock. It fuses hard science fiction with advanced theories of time travel; careful research was done on both, including pouring over NASA research papers and modeling asteroid orbits. The story also examines the psychological aspect of such a calamity−the fear, despair, and hope that would arise in all of us if faced with the knowing that are very existence was ending in mere days.

The follow-up novel, The Paradox Guardian, is releasing June 2017. For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter at and receive a FREE copy before it releases.

Joe Agster


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