Reunion – Krinics Series by Steven Eutsler

Reunion200With the defeat of the Rawyn in the Battle of the Barren Basin, the Krinicsians thought they defeated the darkness threatening their world and the galaxy. They were wrong…

The darkness resurfaces in the malicious form of Sema. Sema has one mission: the complete control of Krinics and the galaxy. Her malevolent plans begin with Empress Pe’Anitia and the people of Krinics.

Pe’Anitia not only faces the challenges of ascending to the throne, but she must also defeat Sema or perish.

Snique and Dazok journey to the island of Manus, and they discover the darkness has spread beyond Krinics. It threatens to engulf all who stand before it.

On the other side of the galaxy, Allanna Alill begins settling back into her life on Earth until family secrets and Rawyn assassins threaten everything she holds dear.

They must all make decisions that will have ramifications for not only themselves, but the entire galaxy.

Steven Eutsler


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