Phil767 the Reluctant Luminary by Edward C. Hanson Jr

Phil767 the Reluctant Luminary200Now, while your mind is still your own, allow yourself to experience the world as it is for a young man in the year 2243. In this distant future, Phil767 is content with the pragmatism and logical order of his daily life… until one

afternoon, when a curious find could threaten to turn his world upside-down.

What had Phil767 uncovered? His heart began pounding in fear, and excitement. He rose slowly to his knees, peering over the bed. A window on the far side of the room illuminated the silhouette of the shapely, young woman from behind. She was holding his table lamp over her head. She’s alive and well, he thought, perhaps a bit aggressive, but seemingly healthy and alert; considering. Slowly, trying not to alarm his baneful guest, he said “illuminate,” turning on her lamp.

His fierce adversary was now brightly lit and completely nude. Her next move was to tear the sheet off the bed with her free hand and pull it over herself. She wrapped the sheet over her shoulder and clenched a fist full of linen on her left hip,making the sheet look like a toga. All of this was accomplished while maintaining a white knuckled grip on the table lamp. She was nearly as tall as he was. He could see the muscle tone in her right arm as she raised her electric torch over her head. Instead of threatening him she now appeared to be using the lamp to look around the room,as she surveyed the foreign surroundings.

Phil767 noticed her brightly lit hand holding the lamp. Her ‘weapon’ was clenched with grotesquely long fingernails around its base. She lowered her lamp back to a to a battle-ready position. Her glowing sword was now ready to strike.

At this moment the young man struggled to make sense of what was happening. Could all that he had understood and accepted as ideal in his life will now be challenged? What had he done?
Phil767 soon finds himself in a race against time to solve the mystery unfolding around him. He tries to hold his world together as it unravels. What must he sacrifice in order to return to the solid, predictable life he once enjoyed?
In the end, will he succeed in deciphering his scrambled emotions and chaotic ideas about the world as he now understands it, or will he be forever silenced by a system he once embraced?

Edward C. Hanson Jr


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