Dawn of Legaia by A. C. Hachem

Dawn of Legaia200Los Angeles, 2083:

Twenty-two-year-old prodigy of science Monte Cizek has just been tasked with discovering a new energy system that can sustainably power Legaia, the Earth’s first orbiting space colony. With the help of his mentor, Legaia’s project lead Dr. Randal Porter, and Nate, the world’s most advanced conscious android robot, Monte must overcome the obstacles that stand between him and Legaia’s success.

At the core of his frustrations are a hot and cold classmate named Claire Ortega, and L.A. business mogul Richard Hurlocke, whose greed and collusion send the fate of Legaia, and humanity, spiraling toward chaos.

A.C. Hachem is a science fiction author from Los Angeles, California. His influences include the work of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, The Wachowskis, George Lucas, Stan Lee, and many others. A long-time fan of both the written word as well as popular culture, Hachem attributes his foray into speculative fiction to a childhood spent getting lost in video games and cartoons. His debut sci fi novel, Book One of The Legaia Series, “Dawn of Legaia”, launches January 11th, 2017.

A. C. Hachem


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