Fable (The Lorn Prophecy Book 1) by Lisa Fender

Fable200An ancient discovery. A perilous journey. A born legend.

Stevie Barrett has no idea she is the key to an ancient prophecy—one that endangers her world. Right before her graduation, men with glowing eyes attack her mom. A strange being watches her in shadow. An archaic people haunt her in waking visions. When she unknowingly heals a stranger with a touch, it is the final crack in her reality.

Driven to save her sanity, Stevie plunges into her own investigation. As the bizarre events mount, a formidable Warrior – Colton – enters her life. Despite his dark and fearsome exterior, Stevie is inexplicably drawn to him. Her practical side knows she should not trust him, yet he proves his worth. His warning that she is being hunted solidifies her fears. With the enemy at their heels, she and Colton race to locate a relic – the key to the prophecy. As the quest unfolds, it alters everything Stevie believes, about herself and about the life she thought she knew.

Fable is the first installment in a series of new adult fantasy fiction. If you like urban fantasy mixed with epic folklore, archaic new worlds, and a brave heroine who discovers her future is not what she expected, then you’ll love Lisa Fender’s imaginative take on a society wielded by Gods.

“Fable Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy is a wonderful book that combines fantasy with young adult romance. Lisa Fender has deftly created a new world, another dimension. I highly recommend it.”
J.E. Rogers, Author of The Gift of Sunderland Series

Packed with romance, excitement, and intrigue Fable is a fantastic read, and a fantasy you’ll find hard to put down in any dimension!
Sharon Ledwith, Author of The Legend of the TimeKeepers

Buckle your seat belt for one of the funniest, strangest, and exciting coming of age stories for a young girl who discovers that she is NOT of this world, but some strange alternate dimension where she is the fulfillment of a generations’ old prophecy and savior of two worlds. George R. Park, Author of Rising From the Ashes

Lisa Fender


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