Gambit – Book Review

C.L. Denault is does not possess any quality of a typical systems analyst – which is what her actual profession is. She left being an analyst to initially take care of her family since she has a son who needs special care. She’s full of passion, curiosity, and fantastic imagination, all of which you can tell if you pick up one of her books to read. A coffee addict and science fiction lover, Denault contributes to regularly post on The INFJ Café. She is also the proud owner of a vividly wild imagination.

Gambit is one of the wonderful fruits of her extensively vast and versatile skills. Set in a post battle future, Gambit takes human evolution to the next level. Willow Kent is a 16 year old teenager who was raised to believe that she was just a regular human being – which couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s not until a military officer visits her village and starts inquiring about her that the deepest and darkest secrets about her existence begin to surface. Willow possesses a rare genetic structure which the Code will go to any lengths to get their hands on. Up and until this point, she had lived a relatively peaceful life with her freedom as a normal human being. But after the interference of the genetically modified military officer, she must give up on the blissful ignorance she has been under for the past sixteen years. Suddenly, her life explodes into utter chaos – all four sides of her life feel as though they’re getting tighter to enclose her. If she wants to have any semblance of a normal life, she is to marry an unknown man and surrender to the military in order to protect herself from the Code. The catch is that the military also has an ulterior motive. Whom can she trust?

Gambit documents Willow’s life from a regular village girl to the most wanted person in the entire world so smoothly, that the reader feels anxious along with the character. Denault has done an amazing job at subtle developments of every character – they’re strong, and hold their own. The book is the first one in a trilogy series. Definitely worth a look out!

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