Rain by Andrew J. McDonald

RainFar in the future, a world which is vastly over crowded has led to many citizens looking to the sky above for a new way of life and a new and better world. Many search for their own nirvana, a piece of home in an ever expanding and hostile universe. Some find their bliss while others…for every garden, there is always a serpent hiding in the shadows ready to strike.

A new world…a new Hope and a chance to build a new life, the perfect dream.

On a distant planet, a group of desperate colonists are locked in a struggle for survival against not just the elements, but also from each other. From the town of Hope to the mining facility of Prosperity, feuds threaten to push the colony to the brink of extinction. Their only hope from themselves is a small adjudicator expedition sent from Earth to stabilise tension and bring about a peaceful solution, but when forces within the colony threaten to overwhelm this…who can save the adjudicators?

As the tension mounts throughout the colony, clouds gather overhead and with the storm…the rain brings death.

Andrew J. McDonald


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