Advances of the Ancients – Book Review

R. N. Chevalier possesses the astounding ability to get his reader’s attention from the very beginning. He takes them through the intricately defined world so that it becomes hard to tell reality from imagination. Chevalier is not new to writing and if his own exploits in the US Army has to say something, then Chevalier is not new to action and combat either. Having worked as a soldier, a band member and in many other professions, it seems like Chevalier has finally found his calling in the dark and deep imaginative depths of writing.

Advances of the Ancients begins with a discovery, one so great and ancient that mystery almost seeps out of it. The presence of this artifact didn’t sit well with the USS Heaven either. So, they did what they always do; the right thing. They know this artifact belongs to someplace else or maybe, to someone. However, they only discover that it belongs to something bigger, something as great and as obscure as the long extinct Forzak Empire. With danger lurking at every step, unknown enemies on the way and combined with the knowledge of the ultimate weapon in the galaxy, the USS Heaven discover that sometimes, doing the right thing is the most difficult thing to do. Yet, come rain or sunshine, they’ll try to do everything in their power to protect the billions of lives and always stand with the right.

When it comes to Chevalier’s works, the readers can just sit back and enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride that he paints with his words alone. No guarantee though because you are bound to walk up and down and back and forth with this nail-biting, astonishing and incredible book of Chevalier’s in your hand. Advances of the Ancients is one captivating book written with proper fervor and mind-numbing talent. Long after the story is finished, readers would still be living in its adventurous world.

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Serious Reading Rating
96 %