Are We The Klingons – Book Review

R. N. Chevalier is a man of many talents. Being a brave soul and holding a patriotic passion for his country and countrymen, Chevalier served in the US Army and the US Air Force in the early 80’s. This was just the beginning of his many roles in life. Chevalier is one of those never-resting and zealous people who shine among a crowd of thousands. He also worked in a band along with doing many odd jobs for his livelihood. Even a diagnosis of ALS in 2012 wasn’t able to hold Chevalier back. He continues unfolding, revealing and experiencing every facet of life and this time, it was writing that got his undivided attention.

Are We the Klingons is the first book by Chevalier. It is a story about the survival of races and the heroes who will do just about anything to save their planets. As a result of the alliance, many founding planets were created but when one of them began to face a major risk of destruction from an unknown virus, things get serious. If something is not done immediately, then this virus could cause the death of billions of people. To deal with this deadly issue, a team of scientists and the heaven’s crew teamed up to save their planet. The solution of their problems though exists in a far away planet in the galaxy where they’ll have to manipulate the life forms to save their own. What they were not expecting was the unknown and strange environment of this faraway planet and the hostility they’ll have to face from the hands of unsympathetic aliens. Still, the biggest challenge that threatens to destroy every plan and mission is the ever-existing question of morality.

Action-packed and intriguing, Are We the Klingons is such an addictive read that readers wouldn’t be able to put it down until they reach the very last word and even then, they’ll wonder exactly how things got to this point. There’s good news, though; Russ Chevalier plans on writing more spell-binding stories like this one. So, let’s stay tuned as the best is still to come.

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