Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. & Dick: A Novel – Book Review

Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. & Dick is a novel written by Ciera Morgan. She is a new writer and this is her first book of the romantic comedy genre.

The book begins with the story of Julius and Cleopatra and their extravagant life at the Neverland mansion as ghosts. The life at the mansion is not as it was for them in the Real World, but it certainly could have been worse. The foundation of the relationship of Cleopatra and Julius is based on the fact that they both want to reenter the world of the living. As the story continues, it transitions between the Real World and the world of Neverland. They are trapped in the Neverland mansion because Calphurnia, the former wife of Julius, has cast a spell on them. As soon as Julius finds a way to break the spell, he orders his men to get to work in the Real World on his behalf.

As the story enters the Real World, the employees of United Planners are introduced, which is a matchmaking company situated in a paper town in California. Each character is walking on their own journey to find love. The story then interestingly connects the situation of Julius and Cleopatra and their struggle to get back to the Real World with the employees of United Planners.

The secret behind breaking the spell lies in the death of Calphurnia, who lives in the Real World as a mortal. If Julius succeeds in killing his former vengeful wife, he and Cleopatra will be able to return to the Real World, resume their love affair, and conquer the world.

Will Julius’s men will be able to kill Calphurnia? Will Julius and Cleopatra be together again and rule the world? How do the employees at United Planners blend in the story? Mr. Mrs. Miss & Ms. Dick: A Novel is an absorbing and captivating book, which is full of turns and twists. The way the story smoothly transitions between both the worlds is just amazing and makes this book a must read.

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