The Backside of the Page – Book Review

This contemporary work of art is written by author Barbara Cadwell. The divorced mother of 3 started off her professional career as an English teacher at the New Hampshire High School along with the occasional foray into the business of buying, restoring and selling antique homes to support her children when the going got tough.

The short and sweet young woman of before always had the urge to unleash her literary self which she did with this book which portrays her image of the man of her dreams. Along with this, she has also worked as a photographer and a reporter at an award-winning newspaper company.

The Backside of the Page tries to identify the similarity in a situation involving two Native American lovers and two modern day lovers and discusses whether a same scenario would play out in the same way in both phases or would they differ in their result.

The novel tells the tale of a fine woman by the name of Elizabeth Ingham and how Joe Parker, a man drenched in self-pity of his previous failures tries to change his fate by putting an end to his luck concerning numerous romantic endeavors.

A conversation during the journey ensues with makes Joe fall in love with the romantic Elizabeth who herself can’t contain her emotions. What follows is a man desperate to seek the love of a woman who has it all up to her to let her feelings give in or disappoint her lover.

This is a typical story of two romantic individuals, definitely worth the read for those who have an extremely romantic side.

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