The Viscount Who Loved Me – Book Review

Fifteen years have already passed, but the Bridgetons are as diabolical and devious as ever. The Viscount Who Loved Me is the masterpiece of Julia Quinn who has managed to reinvent the romance novel, making it appealing for the post-feminist generation. This novel is captivating at alluring at the same time, featuring a flawless plot, setting and characterization.

This diamond of Julia Quinn published in December 5, 2000, has a totally unique plot. This is the second book of the Bridgeton Series. While the first book was “The Duke and I”, the third sequel was named “An Offer from a Gentleman” and was published one year later, in 2001.

The plot of this novel presents a heroine who is never weak. The Viscount Who Loved Me starts in a heartbreaking manner, featuring one of the saddest prologues most readers have ever read. The Duke must take the responsibility to take care of his family, especially the woman he loves. Thing do not stop here, and all action culminates with an unexpected ending.

The Viscount Who Loved Me is definitely a must-read romance novel for both men and women passionate about love stories and complex plots. This book has showed that an author can actually create and intelligent and very attractive hero without adding to that a dysfunctional family or a setting where stupidity is a common word.

The author has also created an intelligent, clever and loving woman who is able to share the same interests as her hero but at the same time think for herself. Out of the entire series of Bridgeton tales, the Viscount Who Loved Me is probably the most attractive.

With a very high rating on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookfinder, Chegg, Bigwords, DealOz or other online book stores, the Viscount Who Loved Me is a unique romance novel with a great plot and an even better ending. If you love romance stories and you enjoy interacting with your heroes, this book is a must-read.

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