Coming to Rosemont – Book Review

Barbara Hinske is a talented woman. Her ability to come up with a story that involves suspense, mystery, intrigue and romance is really uncanny. One of her books that best displays her talent is called ‘Coming To Rosemont‘. A story that revolves around tragedy after tragedy.

The story revolves around a Forensic accountant named Maggie Martin. Maggie is a soft spoken lady who has lived under the shadow of her husband for years. She still managed to build a career for herself. The sudden death of her husband also brought her the news that he had kept secrets from her. Big Secrets! He had been seeing other women behind her back and had spent years deceiving her. In the midst of her humiliation and shame, Maggie learns that she had inherited an estate. The estate was in Westbury and was called Rosemont. She traveled to Westbury and had only one purpose in mind. She wanted to sell the estate. That however was not to be. She fell in love with the beautiful house and decided to start her life afresh. But then again, all did not go as planned. Many dark secrets lurked in the background. Maggie however was not to be deterred. She plunged ahead. With the help of her new found friends, she stood up for herself for the first time in her life!

The novel ‘Coming To Rosemont’ is a delightful story of a lady who wants to start her life anew. In a sense, many of us can connect to this feeling. The ability to put the past aside and move on is essentially what we all try to do. That is the essence that Barbara Hinske has managed to capture in her book.

It is very rare that a story combines both negative and positive emotions together so harmoniously. Barbara Hinske has a knack for touching all the right emotions and voicing them in words. Her way words is precisely what will keep you engaged in the novel.

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