Breaking Bailey’s Rules – Book Review

Written by Brenda Jackson, Breaking Bailey’s Rules is a heart-wrenching, stomach-twisting yet intriguing piece of literature. And this shouldn’t be surprising considering that the author is a New York Times bestseller. In this book, she vividly brings out the story of a young, restless and beautiful Westmoreland ( a native of Colorado ) who falls for a tall, handsome Alaskan rancher who promises to ignite her lonely countryside life.

Bailey, a twenty-six-year-old damsel from Colorado has always believed and abided by her long-held rules – one of them being that she shouldn’t fall for any man who would take her away from her Westmoreland native town. But then that was before she met Walker Rafferty – an Alaskan rancher – who not only captures her attention but also makes her feel weak at the knees whenever he stares lustfully at her. The story here revolves around how Walker attempts to persuade Bailey to break her own rules by cajoling her through strokes of passion, lust, love, and pain. But don’t get it all twisted. This is not one of those stark romance-filled novels that you barely read without being aroused. It is a perfect culminating of both a little comedy and fast-paced fiery romance.

Brenda Jackson stories are as usual very provocative, warm yet intriguing and captivating. She doesn’t disappoint here either. Breaking Bailey’s rules is definitely another of many of Brenda’s fine pieces of work as demonstrated particularly by the Westmoreland sequel. In this first installment, Brenda captures her reader’s hearts using a combination of intense emotions, laughter, tears, funny moments and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a short, romantic and good read to distract yourself this fall, the Breaking Bailey’s rules will surely not fall short of its praise. And at just 268 pages, you will be turning pages for only a few hours especially if you can appreciate a fast-paced read.

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