Her Blood Protectors – Book Review

Newcomer Samantha Snow‘s Her Blood Protectors: A Vampire Menage Romance offers a delightfully erotic twist on an ever-popular theme. Tensions are rising as the vampire and human alliance becomes strained. A new magistrate must be put in place to maintain peace. The human diplomat nominated to oversee this transition is Rose, a beautiful but strong woman who is more soldier and hunter than politician. Rose is soon threatened by an unknown assailant who wants to end the alliance between vampires and humans and restore traditional vampire values.

To ensure her protection, she is placed under the care of Aram and Zach, two vampire brothers who will do anything they can to keep her safe. As the three bond together while living under one roof and recognize their inherent connections, the tale takes a wild and passionate turn.

Her Blood Protectors is a steamy romance unlike any other in this genre, proving that while two is fun, three is definitely no crowd, especially when handsome, charming vampires are involved. Rose is not only tasked with the challenge of ensuring that a peaceable change in leadership is made, but she’s also forced to overcome her strong distrust of vampires when she must rely on Zach and Aram for her safety. Samantha Snow crafts an exciting, intriguing tale and shows how the vigilant protection of two vampires can lead tenderness and intimacy.

This book is decidedly short with just over 140 pages. It is a quick, captivating read that is rich with steamy scenes that are guaranteed to keep the reader entranced. This is the perfect spin on the human/vampire romance, given that Snow has cast a strong female lead as her protaganist. Rose is action-oriented, self-sufficient and easy for readers to related to. While finding herself at the mercy of two handsome vampire is certainly nothing that Rose ever wanted, it s definitely a change that she quickly comes to enjoy

This is a great read for those who like heart-stopping action and well-written, paranormal erotica. Snow has broken all the rules with a menage relationship that crosses supernatural bounds. The romance between Rose, Zach and Aram is both tender and electric.

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