Walk Through Fire – Book Review

Kristen Ashley is far from your average writer. Born in Indiana, she grew up in a quaint little neighbourhood before moving to an even quieter and private neighbourhood in the west country of England. The author herself admits that she has a love for the countryside, and maybe this sense of isolation is responsible for her creative spark. Her book, Walk through Fire, captures small-town life as only Kristen can. Even though this is not her first book, there is a fresh feel to it, and her character is woven into the meat of the story.

Logan Judd is the quintessential bad boy. He has been around for a while now, and has even had some run-ins with the low. At the same time, he is a cautious man when it comes to the matters of the heart. However, Judd finds that it is never easy to be in control in the presence of the woman he comes to love-Millie Cross. The two come from parallel points in life, and this helps to ignite a spark between them. Things do not exactly turn out as we as the readers wished, but there is vindication at the end when new friends meet the old and the petals of love sprout in full bloom-once again.

Walk Through Fire is a tale truly coming from deep within Kristen’s creative reservoirs. There are real feelings in this book. The narration is honest, the characters are real and the circumstances are something the reader will identify with. The author knows to tug at our heartstrings, and she knows when to loosen our leash. Her characters have no sense of urgency-they are assured, calm and collected. She manages to hold us spellbound and tensed when narrating the transition between love and loss in her plot. And she takes command and leads us to the conclusion, where the ending is happy, as always.

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