All You Could Ask For – Book Review

All You Could Ask For is a debut novel and New York Times bestseller written by Mike Greenberg. Greenberg, ESPN anchorman and best known as one of the two co-hosts of ‘Mike and Mike in the Morning’ has written a droll and moving portrait of the lives of three women from Greenwich, Connecticut in this novel of friendship, romance and adversity.

The novel follows the ups and downs in the lives of young mother Brooke, newly-wed Samantha and businesswoman Katherine. All three are from the same affluent area and all three are connected in often surprising ways as well as by one common stroke of fate. Their relationships with the men in their lives is also a central thread to their common story. These three are all leading apparently successful lives, but each contains fatal flaws. They all, at least initially, appear to be reaching their goals until a barrier is flung across their path and forces them to evaluate the real worth of their lives. Have they chosen their path or has it been thrust upon them?

Greenberg’s portraits of the three characters are authentic and compelling. They are far from caricatures, containing real depth and humanity. The author’s affection for the women and his sympathy for their trials and tribulations is evident and quickly transmits itself to the reader.

The dialogue, particularly between these three ladies, rings true. It is both witty and realistic as they deal with a devastating reality check. As each characters tells part of their own story chapter by chapter, the different threads become ever more intertwined.
It is rare to find an author that can create three genuine voices in one book.

Finding a male author from a completely different sphere who can do this with three female characters is even rarer and makes All You Could Ask For an even more impressive entrance to the world of literature from Mike Greenberg.

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