Hunter – Book Review

Written by author Kethric Wilcox, the third and final installment in the Legend of the Silver Hunter Trilogy, Hunter, follows on from the events of the previous book in the series and presents Kieran Belle and Cory Cooper facing one last gargantuan battle to put an end to the forces amassed at their doorstep and turning out to be a permanent hindrance in their blossoming relationship. The author’s artistic ability is on display once again as he delivers a fitting end to what has been an amazing journey in the descriptively vibrant paranormal world of 2 gay lovers up against mythical beasts from within and outside their family.

Picking up from where the second book left off, Cory and Kieran are still reeling from the events which unfolded at the Oisín compound. Kieran’s grandfather, the Silver Witch is dead and Kieran himself severely injured as a result of the attack by the mage and his army of minions which has left the Oisín compound in tatters. With the threat of another attack by the invading mage and his army of minions looming large, Cory and Kieran have no time to rest if they are to stay together. The introduction of 2 new antagonists from within their family (Camille Belle, reigning matriarch of the shifter hunting House of Beauty, and Kieran’s maternal grandmother) who share the common goal of destroying their unholy bond also make for imaginative storytelling and a diverse fight sequence involving magic and brute force for the readers to enjoy.

Even though the story progression might be a little slow for some, the epic ending to the trilogy which is settled by a final standoff with the Mage and the legendary Beast sets the tone and brings about a glorious end to the tale of 2 gay lovers who are up against the world.

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