Regency Buck – Book Review

Georgette Heyer‘s Regency Buck is a combination of romance and mystery telling the story of orphan siblings Peregrine and Judith Taverner. Their father’s death left them well off but unfortunately confined to life in the guardianship of Lord Worth, who they soon realize, is not nearly as old as they expected. In fact, he is too young for their liking. The story of many unsatisfactory arrangements and even more complications lead the orphans to a life among the cream of London. Even Lord Worth who at first detested his guardianship duties later finds himself entangled in the lifestyle.

Peregrine and Judith find themselves in the guardianship of Lord Worth (Julian St. John Audley) who is reluctant to set an appointment to meet them. This compels them to embark on an eventful journey from the village to London in search of Julian. While on the way, they spend a night In Grantham where they meet and make acquaintance of their estranged Uncle Bernard who they reluctantly acknowledge despite him being charming and polite.

They also encounter the wrath of a conceited aristocrat who they later learn amid horror and utter disbelief, is Lord Worth. Trouble starts when Peregrine mishandles a gig on the road and almost causes an accident. Lord Worth makes their life hell, thwarts their interests and is determined to have them back in the village. Judith and Perry’s determination however beats him and so he remains in constant pursuit trying to keep up with their adventurous life.

Heyer manages to create characters with believably real conversations while describing the elegance of the said period with utter accuracy. The wonderful dialogue perfectly blends with the mysterious plot and authentic setting to make this Regency masterpiece a good romance reading for a rainy night.

It is wholly captivating, brings in a good dose of fun, laughter, and even makes you almost believe in love, again!

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Serious Reading Rating
88 %