I’ll Stand By You – Book Review

Sharon Sala is one of the few that earned the title of USA Today And New York Times best-selling authors. She also writes under a pen name Dinah McCall. Sharan Sala has written more than 85 published books. Her genres usually include Young Adult books, Women’s Fiction and Western. This time, Sharon Sala sheds a beautiful light to the town of Blessing, Georgia in her book “I’ll Stand By You“.

The book mainly revolves around Johnny Pine, Dori Grant and the Community of Blessing.
Dori is a single and unwed mother at a young of age of 16. Her parents died when she was very young. It was her grandparents that shouldered the responsibility of raising her. The community of Blessing is quick to judge Dori, and found her wanting. The community Ā detested Dori as they see her as a woman with loose morals. If not with Dori’s grandfather’s reputable standing within the community, she would have been shunned off by the people of Blessing.

The book also introduces Johnny Pine. A 20 year old man who had two brothers. Johnny is in a constant struggle to raise his younger siblings. Most of the time, he barely puts food on the table. Johnny’s father is rotting in prison and her mother died with a drug overdose. The people of Blessing saw no hope for the young boys, assuming that they would only end up like their parents. Johnny often brings oatmeal to the table as its cheap and fills the stomach. Sometimes, when the day is good, he is able to pair raisins with the oatmeal.
The book become very interesting when Dori suddenly finds herself losing everything. She has no home to stay and she lost her grandfather. She is left in the open with no home and a baby to raise. No one in the community tried to help her, most would only say that they would pray for her.

In the midst of Doriā€™sdesperation, Johnny was in disbelief with how the community treated Dori. Although Johnny was not in a good shape, they stepped in to offer Dori a place of shelter.

I’ll Stand By You is an inspiring book. It tells a story of how help could come from unlikely places. It also portrays very well that even though life can get hard, as long you have someone to hold your hand and stand beside you, things will work out just fine.

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