A Tiger’s Bounty – Book Review

Terry Bolryder grew up in the great outdoors surrounded by mountains, which might be why majestic animals have come into play throughout her twenty bestselling shifter novels to date. She is also obviously influenced by her husband, who she thinks would make a great shifter. A Tiger’s Bounty once again tells the story of a strong man with a curvy female love interest, but does he really want to draw Amber into a world where there is danger hidden around every corner?

Jace isn’t just some tall, dark, and handsome tiger shifter. He also has a sense of justice as powerful as his looks, which sees him tracking down the terrible evils inside the shifter world. Amber is thrust into his life because someone is after her, even though she appears to be a regular girl studying for her degree in special education. Things soon heat up between the pair, but Jace must try to find out who is after Amber while trying to decide if he should keep falling for her.

The Tiger’s Bounty is unlike regular romance novels, because it weaves love and passion into the fantasy genre seamlessly. There is something magical about reading a love story that takes place in a world you would normally only be able to access in your dreams. It’s also nice to see love as a struggle due to horrible villains, as opposed to the normal things affecting relationships in the vast majority of romance books you read.

Once you read The Tiger’s Bounty you’ll want to read all the novels in the shifter series, but it’s certainly the perfect place to begin your journey. You’ll not only fall in love with the kind-hearted characters, but you’ll be amazed by the world Terry Bolryder has worked so hard to create. Even before reaching the last page the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat as you get deeper and deeper into the story.

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