Shopping for a Billionaire – Book Review

Julia Kent‘s Shopping for a Billionaire Boxed Set (Parts 1-5) is a collection of five romantic stories that will make you think of nothing but romance days after reading the last page. If you love witty, quirky, and romantic stories, this series will certainly be one of your all-time favorites.

The set consists of five books, Shopping for a Billionaire 1 to 5. The first book in the series, Shopping for a Billionaire 1, is a story of Shannon, a mystery shopper who meets a billionaire by the the name of Declan. The attraction between them is instant, and the two end up choosing to take things a little further. From there, the story only gets more exciting as the pair get involved in a passionate romantic relationship that will keep you intrigued and guessing every step of the way.

The second book, Shopping for Billionaire 2, takes the romance up a notch as the couple surmount ghosts from the past, family drama, and other personal issues in an attempt to keep the passion between them going. In the the third installment, Shopping for a Billionaire 3, the relationship is starting to gain some stability as the couple begin to know each other better.

In Shopping for a Billionaire 4, the story becomes more thrilling as the lovers become more involved – the fun, excitement, and intrigue never ends. During the fifth book, Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire, the relationship between Shannon and Declan is quite exciting, especially as Declan dons the Santa costume. There are lots of light moments in the series as well, and you will love every moment of it.

Julia Kent certainly knows how to make witty romantic stories come to live. Every book in this series will leave you yearning for the next, and not even the final book will take away the desire to keep going.

Shopping for a Billionaire Boxed Set (Parts 1-5) is a five part series that keeps a good and exciting romance going for what, unfortunately, seems like a fleeting moment. This is why this should certainly be the next romance you read.

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