Game On – Book Review

Written by Katie McCoy, Game On brings romance and humor together in a sweet story told in the best choice of words. The cover page has a sexy picture that will just make you want to open it. On doing so, you will be met by Sophie Hall who is the persona telling the story from a first-person perspective. She is a 23-year old struggling to make it as a journalist. With a broken heart and no apartment to call home, she thinks life cannot get any worse. Just then she gets her first solo assignment in which she has to interview Nathan Ryder, a 22-year old college senior who has made it big in baseball and is actually about to be drafted to major leagues. But Nathan hates journalists and will do anything not to have an interview with one.

Sophie’s determination and charm help her start on the assignment but when she meets Nathan she gets a little bit distracted. The hot guy has a great looking ass that could distract anyone and a golden heart to cap it up. He volunteers at an animal center while still maintaining a tight practice routine. These qualities and his witty smart comments do not go unnoticed in the eyes of Ms. Hall and on knowing him a little more she starts to fall for him. This is reciprocated and the chemistry between the two undeniable. But what will be the fruits of this romance? Will it be a matter of happily ever after?

To demonstrate the chemistry and romance between Sophie and Nathan, McCol creates several playful scenes. Humor is introduced with the use of lines from the famous movie ‘Titanic’ which integrate so well with the plot. This book is definitely a good read ideal for romantic story lovers who appreciate some humor and a great plot.

To sum it up, Game On is a great book that will leave you wishing for more. The personalized interaction with the characters will leave you thinking they are actually your friends. Just grab a copy and meet them today.

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Serious Reading Rating
88 %