Steel Justice – Book Review

Steel Justice is book three in Dez Burke‘s ‘Steel’ Series. Like the previous two, it is a romantic suspense novel set in the macho, alpha male world of motorcycle gangs.
Dez Burke is back with more action from the rival Steel Infidel and Liberator motorcycle gangs.

As the rivalry heats up, Jesse, leader of the Steels, encounters runaway Trish, sister of a member of another gang. They meet up when Jesse prepares his brother’s bachelor party, and immediately there are sparks in the air and chemistry between them. Jesse’s responsibilities to both his gang and his family as well as Trish’s past are going to test their relationship to the limit.

In this third book in the series we get to meet brothers Jesse, Sam and Flint once again. Here the emphasis is on big brother Jesse. He is in many ways the typical dominant male. Although he lives in a violent and unforgiving world, he is very human as he tries to balance the different areas of his life. Trish on the other hand almost seems like a stranger in this world. She has a vulnerability and innocence that Jesse will do his best to protect, whatever may happen.

There is the same potent mix of violence, love, humor and lust found in the first two books. Jesse and Trish’s romance will be tested to the extreme by gang rivalry, family ties and betrayal. The action is as fast-paced as always, making this a real page turner.
The world of biker gangs is described with the usual attention to detail and the mix of different characters that make up these gangs keeps things interesting and varied. There are numerous twists and surprises as we discover more about Trish’s past and as the two protagonists try to overcome this past and make a future together.

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Serious Reading Rating
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