The Billionaire’s Unwanted Baby – Book Review

Lacey Legend loves to take readers on a journey to explore romance in a number of different settings, and she is only satisfied if you feel yourself escaping to another dimension while immersed in her novels. Maybe you won’t feel like you’re in a different dimension after reading The Billionaire’s Unwanted Baby, but you’ll definitely find yourself exploring new territory unless you happen to know lots of people worth 9-figures. This is also no ordinary billionaire lover novel as you’ll soon find out the hard way.

Grace Jordan might have fallen for the charms of a playboy billionaire, but a one night stand soon turns into a nightmare and she realizes Lance Carter’s wealth doesn’t count for anything. After losing nearly everything, Grace finds out she is pregnant. The only thing she can do is visit the womanizing billionaire, but he makes it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. Grace ends up finding help at the last minute, but only after she was about to give up.

In most romance novels, a girl meets a billionaire and they fall deeply in love. It’s a bit predictable and everything you read feels the same, so you’ll be glad to know The Billionaire’s Unwanted Baby has a twist. Lance might be a reckless fool who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, but that is the reason why this novel works. If he decided he wanted to help Grace and the baby, I doubt you would read all the way to the end.

Not only is this a romantic novel, but it will help restore your faith in humanity. We all find ourselves in horrible situations with no easy means of escape, and even though we might not cross paths with a billionaire there is still hope. Once you’ve finished reading The Billionaire’s Unwanted Baby, you’ll also give other novels a chance even if you think you know what will happen thanks to the twist you won’t see coming.

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