The Lion’s Love Child – Book Review

Romance novels thrill us to the very core especially if the author manages to capture the true essence of love in his or her words. ‘The Lion’s Love child‘ is a novel that is so different from the others in the genre. The author Jade White has managed to add a paranormal twist to the story which gives it the extra zest.

The novel tells a story about a lady named Grace who traveled to Africa to study the indigenous lion population there. Grace never really realized how close she really got to the lions until much later. Grace noticed some unusual activity one night and ran into a dashing young man named Dylan. Dylan claimed to be a wildlife photographer. After a night of passion Grace was left with a memento. She realized that she was pregnant! As the story progresses you will realize that Dylan is really the leader of the werelion pride. When he sees that woman he loves and his baby are threatened, Dylan realizes that he must stand up for them. The real problem however is not protecting them. What worries him the most is if he will be able to save them and have a fairy tale ending too!

‘The Lion’s Love Child’ is a startling story with twist that you do not expect. One rarely imagines a paranormal being falling in love with a human. The usual norm is that all paranormal beings threaten and kill. That is what makes this story so unique and original. That combined with the authors skill of writing, it makes for a very good read.

Jade White has woven the paranormal and the normal together seamlessly. ‘The Lion’s Love Child’ is a treat for those who love romance and fiction. The novel is a real page turner and the plot keeps you engrossed till the very end!

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