The Air He Breathes – Book Review

Brittainy Cherry, author of The Air He Breathes, is a Carroll University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Theater Arts. She has penned several novels with unrelated characters in her Four Elements series. Part of an ongoing series based upon the four elements; water, air, fire and earth, The Air Breathes is a captivating romance novel that details the struggle of two adults with devastating pasts and a need for love.

When Elizabeth returns to her hometown with her daughter Emma after losing the love of her life, she is warned to stay away from Tristan Cole, the town bad boy. Inexplicably drawn to Tristan’s side, Elizabeth soon realizes that two torn hearts can help heal each other.

The Air He Breathes tells a tale that has been told countless times before but with flawless language and a few unique twists. Elizabeth has lost the love of her life but finds that Tristan Cole has experienced an even more devastating loss of his own. Inspired to help him, she pursues him doggedly in an effort to break down his walls, know more about his past and heal his heart. Together, Elizabeth and Emma wear down the tough exterior that Tristan has carefully crafted to conceal his pain. As Tristan slowly opens up, he finds that they are bonded by their individual losses and that loving has never been easier.

This is a masterfully crafted tale with highly relatable characters and a strong back story. Brittainy Cherry has managed to create real people with problems and behaviors that strike a chord with readers. Tristan’s transformation is astounding and guaranteed to set the hearts of any romance lovers on edge. Brittainy Cherry has taken an old and overdone plot and breathed all new life into it.

This is a must-read for those who are looking to crack a cozy, heart-warming book that fosters a greater sense of gratitude. Tristan is the perfect lead for a timeless romance novel and Elizabeth and Emma are impeccable in their roles. Cherry has produced a superb book that will make your cry and laugh out loud.

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