Wrong – Book Review

Wrong by Jana Aston is a funny, sexy modern romance. It has been on both the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. This is Jana’s debut novel.

Sophie is always falling for the wrong guy. It feels like every time she sets her heart on someone, he is damaged in some way. She just seems to be able to pick the one that isn’t right for her. So when she starts to fantasize about one of the customers at the coffee shop where she works to pay a few student bills, he must be Mr Wrong too. Actually, it looks like this time he might be Mr Right.

Of course, the chances are she won’t see him again. Certainly not on her visit to the gynecologist and especially not when she is going to find out about birth control for the first time. Actually, this is exactly where she will meet him. Could gynecologist Luke be the one to take her away from her boring life? Just months away from graduation as an accountant and terribly inexperienced with men, from this unlikely beginning Sophie is going to experience a sexual awakening that is both erotic and often humorous.

Jana keeps the plot moving along at a cracking pace and the atmosphere and encounters are sexually-charged. Luke and Sophie are very different in many ways, from age to sexual experience. Their relationship is certainly hot, but described with engaging prose and witty dialogue.

Both characters have unexpected depths. The serious, staid Luke who becomes far more liberated in the bedroom and the almost boring Sophie who is quick to discover the meaning of pleasure with her older lover. The secondary characters, from unpleasant family members to unwelcome ex-boyfriends, also add to the depth of the novel.
This story is quirky in many ways, but filled with well-written erotic scenes and humor that make it easy to read from cover to cover in one sitting.

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Serious Reading Rating
90 %